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teeda the 04/16/21 at 06:49 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article TV qui s'allume toute seule quand je me sers de mon tel.
"C' est possible que ça soit dû à une mise à jour firmware."
teeda the 04/16/21 at 06:35 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article TV qui s'allume toute seule quand je me sers de mon tel.
"[url][/url] " - When the TV turns ON by itself, it always seems to go to "Google Play Movies & TV" and it starts playing trailers. When I disable the "Google Play Movies & TV" on the TV, it still opens that source when it turns ON by itself, but the screen stays black without playing trailers. When I have "Google Play Movies & TV" disabled I cannot navigate to it from the Sources menu, yet when the TV turns ON by itself it does show up in Sources and is trying to run it. I do not have an antenna, so the reason why it's trying to run "Google Play Movies & TV" might be because its trying to pick the first available TV Source that is enabled somehow. - The only HDMI device I have connected to the TV is an Xbox 360 that does not even support CEC. - Factory Resetting the TV seemed to have stopped the issue for a week or some days.. but eventually it would start again after some time. I did notice this happening after installing the Android TV version of Spotify, but after uninstalling it again, the TV still keeps turning ON when I wake up my phone. - Philips TV support currently only suggested me to factory reset Android TV, which I did and did not help at all (Even having only the default apps installed and Plex). I'm still in the talks with them, but I don't keep my hopes high here, they usually answer with some standard answers like factory reset your TV or return it (Which I can't because I bought the TV last year).. Let's hope this will get fixed at some point (Hopefully soon).. I was heavily excited about the Ambilight features of the TV, but if this type of issues come with the Philips TVs, it will be my first and last Philips TV. ""
teeda the 03/30/21 at 12:54 PM
has voted for the article [Hot Toys] Place à Batman Begins.
teeda the 03/30/21 at 12:54 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article [Hot Toys] Place à Batman Begins.
"Je me suis préco la Morales 2020 suit [url][/url] Ca sera la troisième 1/6 après celle de Neo de The matrix et Sup de Man Of Steel. pour completer avec ma collec d' Enterbay. J ai raté celles de marty de Back to the future II. Celles de John Wick me tente aussi mais bon. + la Black suit de JL snyder's cut mais dommage qu' elle soit en bundle. Pour les sites il y a Deriv Store qui est très bien et pour les parisiens Hobby One à Republique sont sérieux aussi."
teeda the 03/19/21 at 09:17 AM
has added a new comment on the blog article [Hot Toys] Knightmare Batman & Superman.
"J' ai la version Man Of Steel de sup de Hot Toys J' attendais cette version black justement. Mais peu de changements avec la version BVS et JL. J' hésite à me la prendre et faire un custom. Mais ça demande de l' investissement [url][/url]"
teeda the 03/19/21 at 09:08 AM
has voted for the article [Hot Toys] Knightmare Batman & Superman.
teeda the 03/11/21 at 09:10 PM
teeda the 03/08/21 at 11:41 AM
has added a new comment on the blog article Tv Lg et Universal media Server.
"@kurosama Ca me le fait aussi ( j ai une vieille Sony kdl46w905 de 2013) en passant directement via la TV a saccade. Mais en passant via le DLNA des consoles (PS4) ça ne saccade plus du tout. les fichiers de 1 à 2 GB n'ont aucuns souçis. les fichiers plus volumineux ont du mal à être fluide. J' utilise UMS aussi car plex est pas super."
teeda the 01/20/21 at 02:48 PM
has added a new comment on the news Fall Guys confirmé dans le Game Pass.
teeda the 11/23/20 at 08:58 AM
has added a new comment on the blog article Précommande et livraison (Amazon) avis - PS5.
"@Resevil je l' ai commandé le même jour que toi sur amazon. (vers midi) Normalement prévu aujourd ' hui pour livraison, j avais reçu un mail le week end dernier comme quoi ca serait livr& samedid ernier (21/11) et finalement j ai reçu un autre mail la veille de la sortie comme quoi ca serait livré le jeudi 19/11. J' ai pu être livré le jour de la sortie avant midi . J' ai prime aussi. J' ai aps eu de mise à jour de livraison avant la veille. ca doit dépendre de ta situation géographique et du centre de distribution ou dépot je pense."
teeda posted the 06/13/2020 at 02:38 PM
Skin PS5 et apperçu 3D.
teeda posted the 05/06/2020 at 03:56 PM
Projet Prince Of Persia Redemption [Annulé]
teeda posted the 04/08/2020 at 09:53 PM
Joli concept design de la PS5 et de la DS.
teeda posted the 04/08/2020 at 09:37 PM
Grounded : 44 minutes de gameplay
teeda posted the 06/18/2017 at 08:09 PM
Une PS1 redesignée remise au goût du jour.
teeda posted the 03/08/2017 at 02:35 PM
Gameplay walkthrough Shadow Of War
teeda posted the 03/02/2017 at 11:30 AM
Premières images Demo FFXV tournant sur une GTX 1080ti
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Vidéo Unreal Engine Sizzle Reel 2017
teeda posted the 09/13/2016 at 04:51 PM
Rappel : Adaptateur USB DS4 dispo en préco sur amazon.
teeda posted the 09/07/2016 at 09:17 PM
Trailer Horizon Zero Dawn PS4Pro