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grievous32 the 12/14/17 at 08:22 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article Sea Of Thieves Maj de l'Alpha.
"@Mickele c'est pas un jeu axé sur la bataille navale............ :! Stop ta désinfo putain, t'as rien pigé au principe du jeu..."
grievous32 the 12/14/17 at 08:18 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article bon plan xbox live 12 mois+ea access 12 mois = 51€.
"Yep suffit de changer la localisation dans les paramètres de la console"
grievous32 the 12/14/17 at 07:48 PM
has added a new comment on the group article Sea Of Thieves : Un Live Stream a 18 Heures !.
"@Mickele pas du tout m'enfin bref... Comme d'hab tu comprends rien, c'pas grave, on va pas t'en vouloir... "des ajouts mineurs" qu'il dit... T'as dû jouer au jeu 2 h toi... =')"
grievous32 the 12/14/17 at 05:55 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article Sea Of Thieves Maj de l'Alpha.
"Comme ça tue putain... Vivement que la MàJ soit faite que j'puisse tester tout ça !"
grievous32 the 12/14/17 at 03:15 PM
has added a new comment on the group article Sea Of Thieves : Un Live Stream a 18 Heures !.
"@Skuldleif j'ai juste posé un lien sur lequel n'impote qui peut cliquer :c"
grievous32 the 12/14/17 at 02:38 PM
has added a new comment on the group article Sea Of Thieves : Un Live Stream a 18 Heures !.
"@Negan après tu peux toujours le préco' pour participer à la bêta fermée et annuler ta préco' si le jeu t'intéresse pas une fois testé. Pas de date pour la bêta encore mais bon, j'ai fait ça pour avoir l'accès anticipé à la bêta de Battlefront II, ça marche très bien. Tant que le jeu est pas sorti, tu pourras demander un remboursement si t'as été débité, et d'après un pote sur un autre site on a droit à un remboursement de jeu par an (j'étais pas au courant avant ça, il a réussi à se faire rembourser un jeu auquel il avait pas joué en demandant au support XBOX)."
grievous32 the 12/14/17 at 02:31 PM
has added a new comment on the group article Sea Of Thieves : Un Live Stream a 18 Heures !.
"@Negan si tu t'es inscrit avant le 1er Décembre oui, sinon tu participeras pas à cette session... Et je sais pas s'ils vont réinviter du monde ou pas dans les mois à venir."
grievous32 the 12/14/17 at 02:26 PM
has added a new comment on the group article Sea Of Thieves : Un Live Stream a 18 Heures !.
"@Negan les nouveautés ajoutées spécialement pour cette session, comprenant les premières quêtes avec l'arrivée de nouveaux marchands, la possibilité de changer de fringues ainsi que les bugs connus des dév' qui seront présents pendant cette session et qu'ils chercheront à corriger donc. On a aussi les horaires de début et de fin de la session selon la région. Et un compte à rebours sur le site disant que la session démarre dans 2 h et 33 min maintenant."
grievous32 the 12/14/17 at 02:20 PM
has added a new comment on the group article Sea Of Thieves : Un Live Stream a 18 Heures !.
"@Negan Xbox One and Windows 10 Technical Alpha 0.2.1 02h40m41s 18:00, 14 Dec - 16:00, 20 Dec (UTC +01:00) Paris Ahoy ahoy! Welcome to the Sea of Thieves. Congratulations new pirates, you're set to be part of the biggest Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha play session yet! Saturday the 16th of December marks our 1 year anniversary of the Technical Alpha programme so we're delighted to finally be able to invite so many of you! If you haven't already, have a read of our Welcome Thread it has lots of key information for you as you start to navigate these new uncharted waters. Due to this being the biggest play session we've ever had, we are staggering play session start times. You will receive an email that will let you know when your play session is active and this page will update to reflect that your group can now enter the play session. You are a New Technical Alpha Player if you received your invitation in the last invite wave. You will not be able to play until your play session time is active. Group A: Old Technical Alpha players 14th December 5PM GMT and run until 20th December 2PM GMT Your session is not live. Group B: New Technical Alpha Players in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 15th December 10AM GMT and run until 20th December 3PM GMT. Your session is not live. Group C: New Technical Alpha Players in North and South America. 15th December 8PM GMT and run until 20th December 3PM GMT. Your session is not live. While you wait for your session start time give our new game pages a read, and maybe take a look back at our Insider teases.. Download size: Xbox One: 6.40GB Windows 10: 11.24GB Have you... Installed the insider app Downloaded the latest update Set up Voice chat correctly Read what to expect Read the NDA Read the release notes Did you know... How to get Technical Support Players are looking for crew Where to give feedback Where to report bugs New Features Trading Companies - Not everyone you'll encounter makes their living as a pirate. Alongside the shopkeepers and shipwrights who ply their trades at outposts, you'll find representatives of various Companies ranging from legitimate businesses to secret societies. These Companies have their own reasons for braving the Sea of Thieves, and will be only too happy to reward crews willing to undertake dangerous work on their behalf. So with their introductions out of the way, two new Trading Companies have arrived in the Sea of Thieves! alt text Order of Souls The Order of Souls are a Trading Company formed by conjurers and seers who wish to control ancient magic. In the Sea of Thieves this ancient magic is bound to the bones of accused former pirates, now transformed into forsaken skeletons, who had their own adventures finding and burying hoards of treasure. The Order Of Souls seeks the lost knowledge bound to these skeletons, and they'll reward anyone who brings the skulls back to them! Gold Hoarders The Gold Hoarders Trading Company was founded by legendary Treasure Hunters, who wish to amass a great fortune. They possess a mysterious set of skeleton keys and pay pirates a cut of the treasure when returning chests. The more you build your Reputation with The Gold Hoarders, the more they’ll trust you to go after larger hordes of lost Treasure! For more information about Trading Companies, check out our new Game Page on Legends! Trading Company Shops - Each Trading Company has a representative at the Outposts. Speaking to them opens their shop where you can purchase Rank Promotions which not only earns you access to locked items, but also to better voyages... Player Owned Voyages - With the arrival of the Trading Companies comes the ability for YOU to decide on which voyage to purchase and own. Visit the Trading Company of your choice to purchase your first voyage and start your adventure, and bring the treasure back to the Trading Company you purchased the voyage from to receive your reward! As you purchase higher Rank Promotions, you will gain access to voyages with bigger rewards! Voyage Voting - Nothing screams "camaraderie" quite like crowding around the Captain's Table and sticking daggers in parchment paper, having shouted; "Hey, do the thing with the knife!". Crews can now vote to start or cancel the voyage they want to go on through said method of dagger, but be careful - they're sharp! Be aware, once you complete or cancel a voyage it's gone from your inventory, and you'll need to return to an Outpost to obtain more from the Trading Companies! Bounty Voyages - Introducing Skeleton Captains to the Sea of Thieves! This is a new kind of Voyage, involving the hunting down of specific Skeleton Crews and Captains. Defeat the captains and collect their skulls to collect your bounty from the Order of Souls. Keep a keen eye out, you might meet a familiar pirate name.. alt text Commendations - As you progress through the world of the Sea of Thieves, you may note that from time to time a mysterious commendation emblem pop-up will appear when certain conditions are met. These have a longer term purpose, but we wanted to give you all a sneak peek of them in an early form to keep you guessing as to what they could be for... Persistent Pirate - All players are assigned a unique pirate character for the duration of this Technical Alpha session. In the future we will be unwrapping how this will work longer term, but for now enjoy telling the tales you wish to tell with your very own pirate. Clothing Shop - What to wear, what to wear? Head to the new Clothing Shop and dress to impress. Will you represent the so called high-and-mighty Admirals, or will you lay low with the scurvy sea-dogs of the Bilge Rats? Be the pirate you want to be! Clothing Chest - Bought a new hat? Find it in the Clothing Chest outside the Clothing Shop or on your ship. Feel free to mix and match, roleplay as a crew, or even just run around in only a belt - the choice is yours! The Pirate Wheel of Emotions - A recent addition to the Sea of Thieves, where those of you who jumped in last weekend may already have been savvy enough to have noticed that if you press DPad-Down on a controller or [Z] on a keyboard you can access the Pirate Wheel of Emotions to express how you feel at that moment in time. New Known Issues - Items will reset to the default loadout when you start a new session, but entitlements to items remain so you will just need to re-equip them.Emergent Chests on islands may spawn in midair. - The Trading Company unlockable items will incorrectly show the next available rank for both items. The items actually unlock sequentially at different ranks, and will be addressed in a future update. - When players become ghosts, they do not show any custom clothing. - It is possible to glitch the 3rd person animation when spamming emotes. - Selecting a small ship, displays the "Invite Friends" button on the create crew screen, even though there is no space to invite to the session."
grievous32 the 12/14/17 at 02:12 PM
has added a new comment on the group article Sea Of Thieves : Un Live Stream a 18 Heures !.
"@Mickele j'ai pas besoin de trouver d'arguments, tout est dans le lien que j'ai donné. Tu dis que le but principal c'est chercher des trésors et faire de la bataille navale, à partir de là j'ai rien à dire puisque c'est sans doute la plus grosse connerie qu'on pouvait dire sur Sea of Thieves... Tu t'défonces tout seul, j'ai rien besoin de faire moi... J'suis bien plus au courant du sujet que tu maîtrises de toute évidence pas pour un sous, donc bon... Informe toi au lieu de faire de la désinformation... Le lien que j'ai posé te prouve à quel point tu as tort sur toute la ligne, y a qu'en étant idiot que tu te permets de me dire que je te mentionne pour te provoquer alors que mon commentaire a seulement pour but de JUSTEMENT te montrer avec des arguments que tu as tort. Puis bon, j'vais pas parler dans ton dos, j'suis pas un connard, donc j'te mentionne pour rebondir sur le sujet dernier où tu racontais n'imp. Les arguments sont sur le lien, t'as tort, point barre, fin du débat. :good:"