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niflheim the 01/19/20 at 11:29 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article Pourquoi la 8K ne sert à rien ?.
"La 8K aura des arguments à faire valoir: 1) La puissance derrière la conversion 8K: Passer d'un signal 2K ou 4K à un signal 8K ne suffit pas à obtenir les standards de qualité exceptionnellement élevés de la 8K, d'où la nécessité d'une technologie de conversion ascendante 8K performante. Le 8K X-Reality™ PRO répond à ce besoin grâce à une base de données 8K unique. Les motifs de chaque scène sont analysés et comparés à la base de données pour trouver la texture et le caractère les plus adaptés pour des images incroyablement détaillées, proches des véritables images 8K. Contrairement à la majorité des TVs qui traitent l'image dans son ensemble, notre processeur détecte plus de 100 objets par image pour en améliorer indépendament les détails, la couleur et le contraste ! [url][/url] Samsung le propose aussi avec ses TV 8K grâce à son processeur quantique 8K: Le nouveau processeur quantique signé Samsung Grâce à la technologie exclusive de Samsung, le téléviseur QLED 8K Q900R de Samsung utilise des fonctionnalités de pointe pour convertir les contenus basse résolution de façon à offrir une qualité d’image proche de la 8K. Il optimalise le son, réagit en fonction des niveaux de luminosité de la pièce, et vous recommande même vos contenus et informations préférés par des indications vocales. [url][/url] 2) La taille de la dalle, 75" semble être le minimum pour la 8K, plus c'est grand, plus il risque d'y avoir un nombre de zones conséquents sur une dalle LCD, bien sûr différents selon les constructeurs et selon la technologie. (Samsung avec le QLED et Sony avec sa techno de rétroéclairage révolutionnaire) Exemple pour Sony avec le Backlight Master Drive [url][/url] Un HDR explosif pour un rendu exceptionnel: Le résultat final est réellement superbe, extrêmement comparable à ce que nous avons déjà pu observer sur les moniteurs Oled Ultra HD profesionnels de studio en mode HDR. La comparaison des performances de ce prototype Backlight Master Drive avec celles d'un TV Oled est d'ailleurs un argument de la marque japonaise. Sony considère que leur écran fait aussi bien dans le domaine de la profondeur des noirs qu'un Oled. [url=]THIS. IS. HDR.[/url] [url=]720 Zones, 4000 Nits!![/url]"
niflheim the 01/19/20 at 08:17 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article Bienvenue dans le futur.
"Ça va pas plaire aux pros OLED mais d'après Cobra TV le QLED est meilleur que l'OLED [url][/url] Encore au dessus, il y a les LCD Master Series de Sony (en particulier les ZG9 8K et ZD9 4K avec le célèbre rétroéclairage Backlight Master Drive qui peuvent être comparés directement à un moniteur OLED professionnel utilisés pour les films au cinéma [url][/url] [url=]The Most Beautiful Picture Ever[/url]"
niflheim the 01/19/20 at 08:16 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article Bienvenue dans le futur.
"Ça va pas plaire aux pros OLED mais d'après Cobra TV le QLED est meilleur que l'OLED [url][/url] Encore au dessus, il y a les LCD Master Series de Sony (en particulier les ZG9 8K et ZD9 4K avec le célèbre rétroéclairage Backilght Master Drive qui peuvent être comparés directement à un moniteur OLED professionnel utilisés pour les films au cinéma [url][/url] [url=]The Most Beautiful Picture Ever[/url]"
niflheim the 01/19/20 at 05:51 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article The Last of Us Part 2 sur PC ?.
"Pour Guerrilla ça parle de Horizon, et si en fait c'était Killzone: Breach. Et pour Naughty Dog, The Last of Us: Factions, deux titres only multiplayer D'après le dernier leak sur la PS5, si il est fake, est très bien fait [url][/url] Ce qui pourrait sortir sur PC, c'est les jeux PS5 à base de multi-joueurs comme Dreams, etc [url][/url]"
niflheim the 01/19/20 at 03:41 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article Les rumeurs sur la puissance de la ps5.
"De nouvelles rumeurs sur le PS Meeting PS5: The event: -The event will be held at the Sony hall theatre on the 12th of February. Expect a short teaser to come out in the next two weeks. -The press already knows about it and they will be able to test games and write articles. There will be a lot of news and interviews with key figures like Mark Cerny and Hermen Hulst. -The event will be presented by Geoff Keighley and it will be a very big show. After all you have to consider that Sony has been quiet for quite sometime now. -Sony's strategy has been that not to reveal everything in one shot. Things like price, launch date and shape of the console will still be unknown after the PS meeting. Specs: -CPU: 8 core/16 threads at 3.6 ghz based on a Zen 2 architecture -GPU: "Big Navi"/RDNA1 based with some features from RDNA2 like RT and VRS, 12.2 TF at 1.8 ghz -Memory: 18GB DDR6 at 576gb/s and 4gb of DDR4 for the OS (Sorry HBM believers) -1 TB SSD. The SSD is a proprietary solution similar to a cartridge and you will be able to purchase them separately in a way similar to an old memory card from the PS2 era(1tb, 2tb and 3 tb variants). It is very fast: 5gb/s -It has a separate RT core just for the audio, this is something that Cerny and the audio people at Sony (Audiokinetic) insisted on. A new headphones will be made from Sony, specifically designed for the ray traced audio in PS5 games. -Overall, the PS5 is a much more balanced machine than the PS4 pro. This is much more important than just brute force as devs will be able squeeze much much more from the hardware. Games: -First game announced for the PS5 will be from Bluepoint, Demon's Souls. The trailer will start with a dragon flying through the ruins of an ancient city before landing on a bridge destroying part of it, the camera will then move to a character in a knight armor. The dragon will spit fire at the knight that will be parrying it with his shield. The trailer ends with a voice saying "The old one is calling for thee" revealing the Demon's souls logo, available at launch. Very impressive tech on showcase: RT reflection all over the knight's armor -Ubisoft will announce their new AC title, Assasin's Creed: Kingdom. As you already know it is set in northern europe with historical and mythological elements. The trailer is not really a trailer but a long gameplay (10+ mins). The game focuses on being a better RPG than its predecessors with multiple endings and more meaningful choices for better roleplay. Immersion is also a big focus, Ubisoft has created a believable world based on the kingdom of Ragnar Sigurdsson (better known as Lothbrok) as king of Denmark. NPCs have realistic routines and behaviours based on multiple situations they can be found in (finding shelter from the rain, fleeing their village after a raid from enemy soldiers are some examples). All animations have been enhanced. Now the main character (male or female like in Odyssey) moves differently based on the enviroments they are in. Animations are really similar to something you can find in a ND game with the character touching the wall at their side if they get to close it or struggling to walk through snow or mud. As many other games, AC:Kingdom will use the haptic triggers to simulate the action of pulling the rope of a bow or swinging an heavy weapon. There are levels, but they are handled like in Skyrim or Kingdom come where you don't require a certain level to enter an area or fight a boss. Here you can access the whole world from the start and fight all the enemies, of course it will be very hard because your character will be very unexperienced and at first they will handle certain weapons with struggle, it will get better the more they use them. I got mentioned something about ray tracing being used to eliminate clipping of the various clothes on the character's bodies, but I don't know anything other than it may be a thing on the next gen versions of the game. Available at launch, but after the current gen versions. -Gran Turismo 7 will be announced featuring full VR and RT support, native 4k and 60 fps. It will be a technical showcase for the console. Available at launch. It features a single player carreer like the old GT games and a multiplayer mode similar to the sport mode in GT sport. The partnership with the FIA continues and the one with Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes becomes even stronger (Lewis and the Mercedes brand are on the cover of the game and a big part of the single player carreer). -New R&C game announced from Insomniac. Full RT support and sequel to the remake, but part of a new trilogy. Semi-open world with pilotable ships. It looks even more like a Pixar movie, this time on a way bigger scale. Available in 2021 -Capcom will show a demo of their updated RE engine and announce Dragon's Dogma 2 exclusively on the PS5. Deep Down was not all to waste and Capcom wisely decided to build upon it and create this new DD. It's a really impressive game technically. Full open world with fights and monsters similar to a Monster Hunter game. It will run at 60 fps on PS5. It's unclear if the exclusivity deal has a limit or not. I'm willing to bet it will come out on Xbox Series X/S after a while -Shuhei Yoshida will showcase lots of indies coming to PS4 and PS5 as part of the new "PS❤Indies" intiative at SIE. Games such as: Sky: children of the light, Inaka project, a new game from Jonathan Blow, Lost Soul aside and the new game from Ken Levine studio (not really an indie, but it will still be present in this short segment). -TLOU: Factions will be revealed, coming to PS4, PS5 and PC these holidays. It is a multiplayer only title made to replace the "Factions" mode of the original TLOU. It features an open world similar to games like DayZ, but with the love and care that you can expect expect from a team like ND. It will feature: different seasons like Forza Horizon 4 (each will come with its pros and cons), clan support, a battle pass, a fully destructible map, lots of depth for roleplay (players will be able to cover various roles in their games: doctors, bounty hunters, traders, mercenaries for the various groups of players, soldiers ecc.), the players will be able to build camps and even "addomesticate" clickers and runners. 4k/60 with RT audio on PS5 and 1080 30 on PS4/pro. Cross play is being experimented (the difference in framerate may be an issue). -Sony reveals a new team based in San Diego and their new game, Uncharted. A sequel to U4, but with different characters and a few cameos from the old games. Just a teaser will be shown featuring exotic locations from all around the world and glimpses at veichles both aerial and terrestrial. No release date given. -Activision announces Crash Bandicoot:worlds on PS4 and PS5 for then end of the year (think Mario galaxy, but with Crash Bandiccot) and confirms that COD will be back at the end of the year on PS5 and in partnership with PS once again. -Square Enix shows an impressive tech demo of a new version of the luminous engine featuring RT shadows, reflections and lighting along with 4k textures and realistic facial animations. Very reminiscent of the aestethic you can find in a FF game, but no real announcement is made (for now). -Guerilla announces Killzone: Breach. A mp only title for PS5 and PC. The influence from games like R6 can be seen a lot during the trailer. Full destructible enviroment and a "War" mode that features up to 80 players in a fully destructible arena (Remember that first Crackdown 3 demo?). Available at launch. -Mark Cerny announces full backwards compatibility with PS4/3/2/1/VR and that PS Vita and PSP are in the works. The PS4/2/1 whole lineup will be fully compatible from launch. As for PS3 games, they will be made compatible regularly by Sony in a way similar to how Xbox already does it on Xbox One with 360 games. All the games will receive technical enhancments like 4k resolution, better AA and 60 fps. Demos for TLOU 2, RDR1, Jak 2 and the original GT are shown briefly. -Last announcement will be a small teaser with in-game graphics of Horizon 2. The teaser shows an older Aloy meditating on the top of a Mountain before being attacked by a huge machine and hijacking a thunderbird in order to ride it and fly around the huge machine to fight it. 2021 -Please note that all games that I've listed are exclusive to the PS5 unless I've said otherwise. -Don't expect any PSVR2 news. VR will be mentioned as you can see, but it is still a bit early for PSVR2."
niflheim the 01/17/20 at 03:01 PM
"Quelle merde! à ce rythme, les consoles n'auront plus d'identité. Je commence à comprendre pourquoi il y a eu des départs chez Sony si c'est à cause de ce changement de politique. La PS3 avait fait une remontée fulgurante notamment grâce à ses exclus [url][/url] Sur PS4, pareil, ses exclus diverses et variés l'ont aidé à maintenir le cap tout en atteignant des scores de folies pour certaines IP à 10 millions de ventes, un grand pas par rapport à la PS3 [url][/url] Très bizarre ce changement, si Horizon Zero Dawn sort sur PC, c'est un risque de perdre une partie des joueurs PS4 qui basculeront sur PC au lieu d'acheter une PS5 quand Horizon 2 fera parler de lui."
niflheim the 01/16/20 at 09:16 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article Selon Jason Schreier d'autres jeux PS4 arrivent sur PC !.
"Dreams probablement le prochain, après Sony passe sur PS5 et il n'y aura que des exclus au début pour montrer que les studios Sony sont toujours les maitres de la technique, et ils vont donc continuer à faire des envieux chez la comu PC qui ont des jeux beaucoup moins beaux avec leur config master race. Il faut également que la PS5 commence à avoir une bonne base installée au niveau des ventes, et les exclus aideront dans un premier temps."
niflheim the 01/16/20 at 08:46 PM
"@bennj jeu à forte communauté/partage, et c'est pas dit que ça cartonne sur PS4 à plus de 10 millions ce genre de jeu, ça reste particulier. Si The Last of Us Part II arrive sur PC, ça serait plus inquiétant pour l'avenir de la console. Ce qui serait encore bien plus inquiétant, c'est de voir toutes les exclus sortir day one aussi sur PC comme chez Microsoft. Pour l'instant, on en est encore pas là."
niflheim the 01/16/20 at 08:21 PM
"Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit c'était pas surprenant après la fin du contrat entre Sony et Quantic Dream. Death Stranding: grosse exclu PS4 pendant un moment car c'était entre autre grâce à l'aide de Sony. Kojima Productions reste cela dit un studio indépendant. MGS V était également multi avec Konami. Après pour Horizon Zero Dawn, est ce que cette idée de le porter sur PC a été décidé durant le développement de Death Stranding à cause du partage du moteur Decima. On va dire pourquoi pas même si le titre a fait plus de 10 millions de ventes sur PS4 pourtant. Par contre si après il y a d'autres exclus qui arrivent sur PC, là faudra commencer à se faire du souci."
niflheim the 01/16/20 at 07:57 PM
has added a new comment on the blog article Pas de rétro PS3 sur PS5?.
"Hip Hop Gamer c'est pas fiable à 100 % je n'y crois personnellement pas à cette rétro totale mais qui sait Mark Cerny a peut être trouvé la solution."