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kong the 10/26/20 at 08:03 PM
has added a new comment on the news Night Call finalement annulé sur PS4.
"@birmou Le chèque devait être juteux. Nightcall idXbox = 50.000USD donc non pas grand chose. Mais ca permet effectivement de donner un coup de pouce à des petits studios. Après comme Grunbeld le dit, ils le paient à long term malheureusement..."
kong the 05/29/19 at 05:26 PM
has added a new comment on the news Death Stranding prend RDV pour ce mercredi.
"@Mistrvl Me a Troll ??? I announced SEPTEMBER that the schedule was changed by SONY as is often the case, due to TLOU2 delay. Originally DS: SEP2019 / TLAO2 NOV2019 - now DS: NOV2018 / TLAO2 TBC. I had announced HINT: DRIVE (because as you could see it) now RUFN the DRIVE director is in. Same for FAMILIAR FACE Troy Baker. In short, I'm not a TROLL, just that I can not disclose my sources. Hope this account won't be "BLOCKED" Like the previous one... I have tons of upcoming PS5 game info, so be nice to me, and I will be nice to You :-) Just again understand that things change constantly and a date can slip. So today since my previous comment got erased, I can confirm you that the next SONY DOCUMENTARY will be about KOJIMA and Directed by someone famous ..."