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description : Don't be guilty of expecting too much too quickly. Often you must wait to see a difference. In fact, you can expect your results to be minor, even after a few weeks. It is over the long-term where the effects of the change become more pronounced. When it comes to body weight, for instance, it is not until you have been at it for at least a few weeks that other people may begin to notice. It is at this stage where your motivation may receive a boost. But you will not get there if you do not keep at it. As a baseline, give it a month. Let us say you have decided not to eat any food or snack after 6 pm. You think it will help you reduce your overall food intake to manage your calories and bring about weight loss. Or, you have decided to focus on taking in most of your calories during the day. Try it out. But give it a month before you stop. You need time to see if it genuinely works for you.
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