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description : Every pokemon game player gets a single Raid Pass for free daily. That gives them entry into, well, a single Raid Battle. You can go buy a Premium Raid Pass from the in-game shop to play more than once a day, if you’re really into it. “I get a lot of energy out of [this],” Hanke told me. “I get a lot of positive energy from people’s stories.” This Pokemon teaser is super mysterious. Source: http://pm.instantfuns.com/ The update’s patch notes point out that Pokemon players can now search through their Pokemon collections in order to find different monsters more quickly. It works by nickname, species, Pokédex number and even type, meaning Pokemon players can filter through just how many, say, fire-type Pokemon they have on hand for a Raid Battle against a Venusaur. With the pokemon online rules stipulating that all video equipment and fancy cameras are barred, we had to wonder if Instantfuns would be doing an exclusive broadcast. Polygon will have a presence at the actual outdoor event, so we won’t be tuning in, but for anyone outside of the city, this is your chance to get involved. A new video on Pokemon’s Japanese YouTube channel is teasing ... something for July 19. It’s not exactly clear what, and that seems to be the point, according to translations of the two-minute clip. Note: All trainers must be at least level five in order to participate in raids. HOW DO I HOLD ONTO A GYM AFTER I’VE CLAIMED IT? There are two conditions you must meet before they can enter a gym in Pokemon Mega. First, you must reach level five. That should be easy to do: Go out there and catch Pokemon and visit PokéStops to gain experience. Once you hit that milestone, you must join a team — Valor (red), Mystic (blue) or Instinct (yellow) — to start competing at gyms. Datamining has begun on this week’s Pokemon Mega update, and what Pokemon players have found suggests even bigger features are yet to come. Code referring to Mega Pokemon is buried within the update’s files, giving us a sense of how we might be able to catch them once they’re actually in the game.
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