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woodrow the 08/22/19 at 12:08 PM
has added a new post on the profile channel blackninja.
"Firstly you will require to discover your DVR's networking options and assign it a couple of different figures. The preferences are set in your internet browser, by way of an URL with figures (instance: )."
woodrow the 08/22/19 at 12:07 PM
has added a new post on the profile channel kimy2.
"On your main PC (the server) open Control Panel -> double click Network Connections -> right click your network connection (the one connecting the two PCs) and select Properties -> select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click the "Properties" button. Click Use the following IP address and enter IP address: Subnet mask:, leave default getaway blank. Select Use the following DNS server addresses but leave blank."
woodrow the 08/22/19 at 12:06 PM
has added a new post on the profile channel ritalix.
" represents a private IP address which is by and large used by routers as their default IP address. As this is used as default by most of the manufacturers, there is a good chance of conflicts. This is due to the fact that multiple network devices like routers originating from the same manufacturer are connected to matching network. This IP address falls within certain ranges of addresses which can be used as the private Internet."